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Hey everyone! You can also find me on the channels below, I post a bit more regularly there. See you there!

Whooohooo, I just got my first Daily Deviation. I just got flooded with messages, thank you so much for that everyone, I will try to work through them the next couple of days to thank you all :) Let me start by thanking :iconeenii: for suggesting me. You are awesome!

Thank you everyone, I feel most flattered! 
I'm planning on putting me more out in the open, see if I can make some new connections and broaden my audience, both here on dA as elsewhere.
Just wondering how you got around promoting yourself, what things you ran into, what worked and what didn't.
I'm also considering starting a live stream, but I'm not sure people would be interested and I don't want to give people wrong fundamentals from watching me :p

Any advice and thoughts would be much appreciated, hoping to hear from you :)
I once had this very cool website, with which you could generate subjects for a painting. They were very odd, like a sheep playing bowling on top of the Eifeltower. Sadly I lost this site, but that's where you come in! I'm looking for your fantastic ideas, absurd, surreal, full of nonsense. Inspire me and get the most silly thoughts out of your head!

Thanks! ♥
Today I booted my computer, opened Firefox, to find out I have an email of dA. Turns out, someone gave me 1 year of Premium membership!

So hereby I would like to thank this Anonymous Deviant for giving me this year of membership. Thank you so much!
I'll try to make best use of it :D